Swim Lessons at Adler Pool

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Register now for Swimming Lessons Session 3 (July 8-18).  The final session of the year of Swimming Lessons is Session 4 (July 22-August 1).  To register for Swim Lessons, click or tap here or register in person at the Libertyville Sports Complex.

Lesson Policy
- Registration deadline: Thursday at 10:00 pm before each new session.     
- Swim Lesson Coordinator reserves the right to move a swimmer to their appropriate swim level.
- A letter will be available at the Manager’s office and passed  out to parents the1st day of each session.   
- Family members of the swim students may not use the pool facility during lessons.     
- Each person must exit the facility after swim lessons and re-enter for open swim.  
Cancellation Policy & Information Line
Classes may be cancelled for weather and other conditions. If weather is questionable, call the information line at 847-247-5433 press option 2. Cancelled classes will be made up on the Friday of that same week. If you miss a make-up class, you will not receive a refund and cannot make the class up at another time. No class Thursday, July 4.

Adult/child Swim

Shrimp (6mos-3yr):  This 30 minute Adult/Child class is designed for parents and their kids to discover and explore water safely.  Parents are instructed on how to work with their children to float and blow bubbles while encouraging them to make purposeful movements in response to verbal and visual cues.

Classes for Ages 3-5

Turtles:  This class helps children adjust to the water and develop independent movement. It teaches basic front crawl, back crawl and kicking skills along with floating and pool safety. Class intended for children with little or no water experience.
Guppies:  For children who are comfortable in the water and ready to work on floating, kicking and progressive arm movements. Child must put their face in the water.

Classes for Ages 6 and Up

Angel Fish:  This beginner class is for children who are uncomfortable or inexperienced in the water.  It teaches basic skills including stroke work, gliding, floating and kicking with exposure to rotary breathing.
Puffer Fish:  This class is for children who are comfortable with their face in the water and are able to swim 15-20 feet unassisted. It teaches stroke skills on front, back and side as well as rotary breathing and beginner’s breaststroke.
Sun Fish:  For children able to swim 25 yards on front and back unassisted. It teaches stroke skill on front, back and side and rotary breathing. Children will be introduced to other components and butterfly kick.
Clown Fish:  This class is for children able to swim 50 yards of freestyle with rotary breathing, sidestroke, backstroke and breaststroke. It refines breaststroke, teaches butterfly and improves other swim skills.
Sting Rays:  This class is for children able to swim 100 yards of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and sidestroke as well as 15 yards of butterfly. This class improves all strokes and swimming skills while building strength and endurance.
Diving:  Must be able to swim at the Sun Fish level (or higher) to participate.  You will learn proper diving techniques for common dives. This class is taught from the diving board into 12 feet of water.

Swim Lessons at Adler Pool
Private Swimming and Diving Lessons