Pre-ballet is an introduction to basic loco-motor skills and coordination for young children. Basic ballet and age appropriate games are taught. We use stuffed animals, bean bags and scarves to make learning fun. Leotards, tights, pink ballet shoes.

Parent & Me Dance/Play

Parent & Me Dance/Play is your child's first dance class where you and your 2-3 year old can experience music, motor skills, basic ballet steps, creative movement and play.


Ballet is a formal style of movement that has established terminology and sets of exercises incorporated into the barre and center work. Participants wear leotards, tights, pink ballet shoes.


Tap is a form of dance in which the rhythm is sounded out by clicking the taps on the heels and toes of a dancer's shoes. Participants wear leotards, tights, black tap shoes.


Experience this popular form of expression energized by rhythmic music. Classes consist of warm-up, across-floor movements and combinations. Participants wear leotards, tights, black jazz shoes.

Hip Hop

This popular dance derived from street dance is a highly expressive rhythmic form set to popular contemporary music. Participants wear leotards, tights, black jazz shoes, bike shorts or jazz pants.

For Adults

Check out our dance classes for adults:
  • Belly dancing
  • Ballroom dancing
Libertyville Ensemble Dance

Dance Recital is Saturday, June 3

at 11:00 am
Libertyville High School Auditorium
Dance tickets on sale now
at the Libertyville Sports Complex.
Tickets are $5 each.

Click here for Summer Dance programs.
Dance Ensemble is located at the
Libertyville Sports Complex.
Contact Julie Ludwig at 847-247-7651